Klay Thompson is not the kind of person who will take the high road. The Golden State Warriors player called out Jaren Jackson Junior and called him a “freaking bum.” Thompson spoke about this while revisiting his social media rivalries. 

Jaren Jackson Junior, who is commonly called JJJ, wrote on Twitter that “strength is in numbers” — a taunt directed at the Golden State Warriors. The Memphis Grizzlies player posted the tweet after beating the Warriors in a league phase of the tournament.

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“I can not wait to retweet that thing. Freakin’ bum. I had to watch that. I am like ‘This freakin’ clown.’”, Thompson said at the press conference on Thursday. “Gonna mock us? You ain’t ever been there before. We have been there before, we know what it takes. So to be here again, hold that”, he added.

The reports wanted to move on but Thompson was just getting started. “Twitter fingers, can you believe it?,” he ranted on in a hushed tone. The ‘Splash Brother’ said that he had held on to that grudge.

“I got a memory like an elephant, I do not forget. And there were a lot of people kicking us when we were down”, Thompson said in a frustrated voice.

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It was not surprising to see Klay Thompson filled with so much anger. His title drought had got to him. The last time Klay Thompson played for the NBA champions title was in 2019, when he got injured. The Golden State Warriors eventually lost the finals to Toronto Raptors.

Thompson, and the Warriors, redeemed themselves on Thursday after winning the finals against Boston Celtics. The game ended with a tally of 103-90. The other ‘Splash Brother’ — Stephen Curry — was named the MVP of the 2022 NBA Finals.