The Football Association has sanctioned some new rules for the English Premier League’s 2022-23 season that is set to kick off this weekend. Although no drastic changes have been made, these new rules are surely set to make things interesting once the season commences. 


Post the COVID-19-induced lockdowns which stalled football and everything else, most European football competitions had increased the maximum number of substitutes in a game from three to five in order to give players some rest. Although most of them stuck to the same, the EPL had resorted back to three changes in the previous season. However, the five-substitutions rule is now back in the EPL once again. Notably, there will be only three windows in the match where these substitutions will have to be made.

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Multiple balls

In a bid to avoid wasting time, the fourth official in EPL matches is set to have a ball with them at all times. Moreover, eight balls will be placed all around the field, with two each behind the goals. 

Pitch invasion

Fans, at times, tend to jump inside the field in order to celebrate their team’s victory. This can sometimes be a security threat to the players and officials. Fans charged with such activities will be banned from the club immediately. Moreover, the trespassers will also be prosecuted.

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Winter break changes

This is the first time in history that the Football World Cup will be played during winter. Keeping this in mind, there will be no EPL match from November 12 to Boxing Day. While there are a total of three autumn breaks every season, this time the same have been reduced to one.


Goalkeepers in the EPL had to have at least one foot on the goal-line while trying to save a penalty. However, from now on, they will be allowed to step into the goal in order to build momentum.

The EPL’s 2022-23 season kicks off from August 6, and the first day will witness top clubs like Liverpool, Chelsea, and Arsenal in action.