Odell Beckham Jr.’s stint with the Browns is officially over after less than three seasons. Beckham was released by the Browns on Friday, indicating that he will soon be playing for another team.  

Unfortunately for Beckham, he will most likely not be able to choose his next team because he must pass waivers before becoming a free agent, and it appears unlikely that a player of his calibre will clear waivers. 

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If you’re unfamiliar with the waiver process, here’s how it works: Each team will have the opportunity to make a claim for Beckham, and any team interested in acquiring him must do so by Monday.

The waiver order is similar to that of the draft: the worst team picks first, then the next worst team, and so on. The Lions, Texans, and Dolphins currently hold the top three slots in the waiver order, meaning they’ll get first crack at Beckham. (If the Lions and Dolphins both claim Beckham, the Lions will receive him since they have the higher waiver priority.)

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Based on where each team is in the waiver order, here are five possible landing spots for Beckham.


The Seahawks have been desperate to add another receiver for the past few years. Not only did the Seahawks sign Josh Gordon, but Russell Wilson also stated that he wanted them to get Antonio Brown, so you can bet he’d be ecstatic to have Beckham join his squad.

At 3-5, the Seahawks could definitely benefit from adding Beckham. 


The 49ers considered trading for Odell back in 2019, but they weren’t willing to forgo the draft compensation that would have been required to get him from the Giants. Odell may not be the same player two years from then, but the 49ers may be able to ignore that given that they’ll be receiving him for free because they won’t have to trade for him.


This year, the Chiefs’ high-powered attack hasn’t looked so high-powered. Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce are two of Patrick Mahomes’ top targets, but things get risky after that. Beckham’s addition to this offence could be just what Kansas City needs to turn things around this season. The Chiefs have been on the lookout for a No. 2 receiver to replace Hill, and Beckham’s addition would probably put a stop to that search.


With Marquise Brown, Rashod Batemand, and Sammy Watkins, the Ravens have a decent set of receivers but two of those three have had health issues. Beckham would not only provide tremendous depth for the Ravens, but he would also provide a solid one-two punch at the position.


The only way the Rams will have a chance to draft Beckham is if 29 other teams pass on him, which is unlikely. If that happens, don’t be surprised if they grab him. The Rams have already stated that they are committed to 2021, and this is a team that has demonstrated it will pay any price to get a quality player, so you have to believe they will gladly sign Beckham knowing they won’t have to give up any draft picks in the process.