According to a resolution passed by NFL owners on Monday during their first day of their spring meetings, the NFL will have the capacity to flex a limited number of late-season “Thursday Night Football” games on the Amazon Prime streaming platform.

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The minimum number of owners required to enact a new rule, 24, voted in favor of the resolution, and it was approved. The new rule will only be in effect for the 2023 season. The resolution will be implemented in 2024 if no Thursday night games are flexed.

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Under the league’s new rules, games that take place between Weeks 13 and 17 are eligible to be flexed, with teams required to receive a minimum of 28 days’ notice before the decision is made.

The current slate of games eligible for flexing includes:

Week 13 – Dallas at Seattle
Week 14 – Pittsburgh at New England
Week 15 – San Francisco at Seattle
Week 16 – Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans
Week 17 – Cleveland at New York Jets

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Games currently listed as “To Be Decided” and games currently scheduled for Sundays during that window may both be flexed to Thursday night in accordance with Resolution JC-6.

Any game that is flexed out of Thursday Night Football is moved to the corresponding week’s Sunday. The “flex” option may only be used twice during that window, according to the league.

Any team with two Thursday night games outside of the Week 13 to 17 window cannot have their games moved, as each team is only allowed to play a maximum of two Thursday night games during the season. According to the new rule, no team may flex more than once.