None of the NFC and AFC players in the 2023 NFL Pro Bowl were wearing helmets at the Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas on Sunday.

“The only good thing about this corny ass pro bowl is getting to see players without the helmets” a Twitter user said.

“They are not even going to wear helmets or pads during this pro bowl game. Forget about it!!” another one added.

“Very tough to tell who is who with no helmets for specific teams #ProBowl,” a third one tweeted.

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“It was akin to watching a football match with all players bare-chested and a variety of colours for shorts and socks. No faces either with speedway due to the helmets. Ha! always wondered what a riders facial expression is when racing, Phil Jones-esque i’d imagine.”

“Mmmmpfh, I should get my arse in gear and work some more on my PA outfit, both the War vewrsion and regular version. I really wanna get to work on the helmet of the War one, but no tools nor experience :c Only thing I got for the helmet is the helmet itself (which, yes, glows),” wrote another.

One person added: “No mention of the bicycle suicide lanes that federal govt is paying to install. Really taking space from car lanes. I’ve seen them along rural US highways and never saw a bicycle in them. Traffic at 55 mph passing a rider with a plastic helmet. Too easy to get hit.”

“Read the rule, No player shall target and make forcible contact to the head or neck area of a defenseless opponent with the helmet, forearm, hand, fist, elbow or shoulder. You don’t know ball. As others have said it’s over time to move on which also means you wanna be experts.” another user said.