Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL, left the divisional playoff game against Jacksonville Jaguars with an ankle injury. Backup Chad Henne replaced him in the second quarter. However, the team called in the star MVP candidate in the second half. 

Several fans slammed the Kansas City Chiefs and head coach Andy Reid for playing an injured Mahomes. 

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“What if…. Mahomes loses this game out of his own stubbornness to return when Henne was riding the momentum and doing so well..” a Twitter user wrote. 

“And I actually really like Mahomes but he’s being an idiot,” another one said. 

“Gotta put Henne back in. Lots of pressure on Mahomes, but limited ability to avoid it. Mahomes gonna get hurt for real if something doesn’t change. Win or lose it’s Henne time. Don’t fuck up the next 5 years for this one game,” a third one tweeted. 

However, Reid’s decision paid off as he powered the Chiefs to 27 points against the Jaguars’ 17 midway through the third quarter. 

Mahomes struggled on the pitch, evidently limping, and yet he managed to play through the Jaguars’ defense yard by yard and scored crucial points when it mattered the most. 

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The quarterback picked up a lower leg injury towards the tail end of the first quarter when tight-end Arden Key rolled over his leg during a tackle. He stayed off for the second quarter and the reserve quarterback Chad Henne came on to replace him. 

Mahomes returned to the pitch and played a key role in Andy Reid’s plan to take the game away from the Jaguars. The third quarter saw the Chiefs struggle as Jaguars brought down their deficit to only one point. 

However, the Chiefs made a strong comeback and took the game away from the Jaguars with a decisive 10 points lead.