Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, had to take medical assistance at the end of the first quarter. The star player was spotted limping during the divisional playoff game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL on Saturday at the Paycor Stadium in Kansas City.

“Patrick Mahomes is on the bench getting tapped up in between quarters,” a Twitter user said. 

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“No idea how Mahomes is still out there playing,” another one added. 

How did the injury happen? 

It seemed from the footage of the incident that the quarterback suffered a lower leg injury. Mahomes leg was rolled over by the Jacksonville Jaguars line breaker Arden Key towards the end of the first quarter. After the injury, Andy Reid, the Chiefs coach, took a time-out to reorganize his team and to assess if Mahomes can continue to be on the pitch. He eventually came on and managed to complete a pass and push a few throws. He was taken off at the start of the second half and Chad Henne came on in his place. 

Henne saw the team through in the second quarter, as the visitors ended the half 10-17, ensuring that their last meeting’s 11 points lead the Chiefs was not repeated.

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What happened afterward? 

When asked at half-time about what he thought of his team’s situation, Jaguars coach Andy Reid said that it ‘keeps them alive’ in the game with a chance for a comeback. 

Mahomes, however, returned in the third quarter, albeit the fact that he appeared unfit and his movement looked restricted. 

He continued to throw for the Chiefs, but they failed to make headway against the Jaguars’ defense halfway through the third quarter of the much-hyped send-off. 

Can Mahomes turn it around with an injured leg? Top players reach the spot overcoming the impossible and Chiefs fans will be hoping that he puts up one such performance today.