Legendary Brazilian footballer Pele died at age 82 in Sao Paulo, Brazil after battling with colon cancer. 

One of the greatest footballers of all time learned that his colon cancer advanced on December 21. He was told that he would be kept in the hospital over Christmas as he needed treatment for cardiac and renal dysfunction. 

Prior to that, he had been admitted to the hospital on November 30 with swelling all over his body and “decompensated heart failure.”

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Three weeks ago, in the middle of FIFA World Cup 2022, news broke that Pele had become unresponsive to chemotherapy in his battle with cancer and had been transferred to an end-of-life care unit at a hospital.

He was hospitalized for “a reassessment of chemotherapy treatment,” but he stopped receiving treatment for cancer and instead underwent measures aimed at relieving pain and shortness of breath. 

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Medical staff at the Einstein confirmed his condition of anasarca (general swelling), an edemigemic syndrome (general edema) and even identified “decompensated heart failure.”

He originally visited the Albert Einstein hospital as an unscheduled appointment, taken there by his wife Marcia Aoki and a carer.

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Tributes have started to pour in on social media after Pele’s death, led by all the major football clubs across the world. “We are truly saddened to hear the news of Pele’s passing.  As a club, we had the privilege of hosting Pele in 1981, at Highbury. A memory we will always cherish. Our thoughts, along with entire football community are with Pele’s loved ones today,” tweeted. the Arsenal football team.

“The King of The World’s Game, Obrigado, Pelé.” wrote EA sports FIFA. Middlesbrough FC wrote: “We’re wearing black armbands tonight to mark the passing of one of football’s all-time greats. Rest in peace, Pelé.”

Major League soccer wrote: “Legend of the game. RIP, Pele.””A legend, icon and true great of the game who will forever be remembered. Rest in peace, Pele,” tweeted Liverpool FC USA.