The Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense celebrated with a swimming gesture against the Las Vegas Raiders. Currently, the Steelers have a mammoth lead of 23-7 against the Raiders.

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Despite a difficult start in Week 1, the Pittsburgh Steelers were able to defeat the Cleveland Browns in Week 2 in large part because of their defense. Kenny Pickett, who excelled against backup defenses during the preseason, hasn’t yet repeated that performance during regular season games. 

The Raiders’ defense, which is now ranked 31st in the NFL after allowing 5 passing touchdowns in two games, offers an opportunity for Pickett to find his footing again. The Raiders, on the other hand, want to bounce back from a difficult 38-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills in Week 2. It will be difficult to score against the Steelers’ formidable defense, but Jimmy Garoppolo, Davante Adams, and the offense will need to perform well.

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The turning point occurred when Jakobi Meyers was encircled by two Pittsburgh defenders as Garoppolo threw a long pass on the right side with Meyers in mind. Pittsburgh’s second interception of the contest came from cornerback Patrick Peterson at the Steelers’ 19-yard line.

The following drive was skillfully directed by quarterback Kenny Pickett, starting with a 17-yard pass to George Pickens. Pat Freiermuth, a tight end, helped the Steelers get to the 30-yard line with a 14-yard reception. With 3:56 left in the third quarter, Freiermuth made a 13-yard touchdown grab on the very next play to extend Pittsburgh’s lead to 16 points.

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After Davante Adams had opened the scoring with a 32-yard touchdown, the Steelers showed their tenacity by scoring 23 points in a row.