The Denver Broncos were defeated against the Seattle Seahawks 16-17 in a close encounter in their 2022 NFL campaign opener at the Lumen Field on September 12. The starting quarterback for the Broncos was Russell Wilson, on the other hand, the Seahawks started Geno Smith.

Smith spent two years as the backup for Wilson at Seattle. However, Wilson left the Seahawks to join the Denver Broncos on March 16, 2022. After this, Smith was promoted as the first-choice quarterback for the Seahawks and started against the Broncos on September 12.

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Smith made 82% successful passes against the Broncos, 23 out of 28. He also registered 195 passing yards and two touchdowns. Compared to the 31-year-old, Wilson made only 69% successful passes, 29 out of 42. The Broncos quarterback also recorded 340 passing yards and only one touchdown.

Smith looked visibly better than Wilson in the game, despite making lesser passes. His passing accuracy helped the Seahawks greatly. His longest pass was 38 yards and also registered 8.1 passing yards per attempt. Compared to that, Wilson’s longest pass was 67 yards but made only one touchdown. He also recorded 7.09 passing yards per attempt.

This was the first time Geno Smith and Russel Wilson faced off since the latter left the Seahawks. Both Geno and Wilson were sacked two times, but the former made 6 rushing attempts, compared to 1 of the latter. Smith registered 14 rushing yards, compared to Wilson’s 2. Smith fumbled once in the game, however, Wilson did not.

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However, Geno looked more steady and comfortable in his gameplay than Wilson. He kept the ball out of the opponent’s possession and extended the plays while adopting a unique approach that saw eight different receivers getting involved.

Smith showcased his best in the first two quarters. Meanwhile, the Seattle defense denied Wilson the chance to beat them. The Seahawks are not being expected to win many games in the 2022 season, however, it will be interesting to see if Smith manages to outshine Wilson in the longer run.