Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Patrick Peterson nabbed his first interception with the Steelers on Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo’s downfield throw.

Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo got slammed on social media for poor gameplay, multiple interceptions vs Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Damian Lillard, the basketball star born in Oakland and a devoted fan of the Raiders, closely follows Jimmy Garoppolo’s performance, which often influences his mood for the day. Lillard’s loyalty to the Raiders is well-established, given his long-standing support for the team.

On this particular day, there was ample reason for Damian Lillard and fellow Raiders fans to scrutinize Jimmy Garoppolo’s performance. At times, it seemed like the Raiders were on the verge of scoring a touchdown or achieving a significant goal. However, instead of successful drives, Garoppolo’s ill-timed interceptions disrupted their progress.

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Consequently, these interceptions presented opportunities for the Pittsburgh Steelers to counter and score. These unexpected setbacks, known as double whammies, were both inevitable and highly frustrating for Las Vegas fans. Damian Lillard, representing the sentiments of many fans, took a passive jab at Jimmy Garoppolo. He expressed his frustration on Twitter, by stating, “No way we this garbage man.”

This tweet underscores the disappointment and exasperation felt by Raiders fans during the game due to the untimely interceptions by Garoppolo.

Pittsburgh Steelers’ second-year quarterback, Kenny Pickett, began the season with two underwhelming performances. However, he showcased an impressive performance that led the Steelers to a 23-18 victory over the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday Night Football.

In this game, Pickett completed 16 of 28 passes for 235 yards and threw two touchdowns. It marked the first time in his career that he had thrown multiple touchdowns in a single game.

Pickett’s performance on Sunday night was a significant step in the right direction for him. Prior to this game, the 25-year-old quarterback had struggled, with a total of three interceptions in his first two games of the season. This victory and his improved play were much-needed for both Pickett and the Steelers.