A graphic image shown during the Thursday night game between Tennessee Titans and Dallas Cowboys showed tackle Taylor Lewan in a wheelchair and a wrap around center Ben Jones’s head. 

Dallas Cowboy’s fans were visibly excited by the graphic as they quickly took to twitter to express their thoughts and opinions on the piece.

“I still take @TaylorLewan77 in a wheelchair playing over Daley!,”  wrote a Dallas Cowboys’ fan on twitter.

“Is that a Make A Wish kid? He got to dress up as an football player! Bless his little heart!,” wrote another twitter user.

“Literally was about to post this but I knew you would. Was laughing out loud. Hope the boy recovers well,” a third user joined in on the fun.

“Highlight of the game so far,” a fourth user commented.

“Taylor would have loved this,” added a fifth user.

The away side raced off to a 7-0 lead in the first quarter after a touchdown by running back Ezekiel Elliot ten minutes into the game. The lead was improved in the second quarter, thanks to a three-pointer by the 33-year-old Brett Maher. The home side finally started their account on the scorecard after a three-pointer by Randy Bullock.

At half-time the score was 10-3 in favour of the Dallas Cowboys.

The start is worrying for the Tenessee Titans, who are now staring at a sixth consecutive defeat. The potential loss will mean that it is the end of the road for the Titans in the NFL 2022. However, the Cowboys, despite being second in the NFC East division, have already booked a ticket in the playoffs, thanks to them being the top wildcard side in the competition.