The NBA playoffs always bring intense matchups and high-stakes games, and when it comes to Game 7, the atmosphere reaches its zenith.

However, when it was announced that veteran referees Tony Brothers and Scott Foster would officiate the decisive Game 7 clash between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat, NBA fans took to social media to express their concerns and opinions. The duo has garnered a reputation over the years, and their involvement in such a critical game sparked a wave of reactions across Twitter.

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The two teams lock horns at the TD Garden.

Tony Brothers and Scott Foster have been officiating NBA games for many years and have had their fair share of controversial calls and scrutiny from fans, players, and coaches. The mere mention of their names in the context of an important game immediately elicited strong reactions from the passionate fan base.

“Wow really a combo of Tony brothers and Scott Foster. Keep doing the Heat dirty,” a Twitter user reacted.

“Scott Foster AND Tony Brothers ?? They’re trying to kill us,” another one added.

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Here’s a quick glance at the tweets which shows a mixture of frustration, skepticism, and even humor surrounding the appointment of Brothers and Foster for Game 7.

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The general sentiment among fans is that Brothers and Foster’s refereeing may influence the outcome of the game. Their previous controversial decisions have left fans questioning their ability to officiate fairly and impartially.

Fans of both the Celtics and the Heat expressed concerns that the referees might steal the spotlight and overshadow the players’ performances, something that has occurred in the past.