Tributes started pouring in for legendary Brazilian footballer Pele on Saturday after news broke that he had become unresponsive to chemotherapy in his battle with cancer and had been transferred to an end-of-life care unit at a hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil

After being hospitalized Tuesday for “a reassessment of chemotherapy treatment,” the 82-year-old has stopped receiving treatment for cancer and instead is now undergoing measures aimed at relieving pain and shortness of breath. He was being treated for colon cancer and was diagnosed with a respiratory infection.

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“Sad news about Pele. I did this sketch of a young Pele a few years ago and for people of a certain era he is the greatest of all time. #Pele#Brazil#WorldCup” one of them wrote, while another tweeted, “Praying for you ,Greatest of all time #Pele.” 

Another noted, “Prayers for Pele who is in palliative care. Soccer’s greatest player and ambassador. Not sure anyone carried such an aura of greatness with more humility. Meeting him in 86 was a top-of-the-list career moment.” One more stated, “Pray for Pele. Our hero and greatest footballer of all time has been moved to end of life care after a long battle with illness.”

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One more noted, “Thinking of Pele as he moves to palliative care. How lucky are we that we can appreciate his greatness.” Another Twitter user remarked, “Pele is all about Winning. On or off the football pitch. Stay strong legend. Prayers.” One more said, “Very sad news about Pele being moved to end of life care. Keep fighting until the very end, the whole football world will be with you.”

  On Thursday, Pele posted a picture on his Instagram account, of a ‘get well soon’ message displayed on buildings at the World Cup in Qatar. “Friends, I am at the hospital making my monthly visit. It’s always nice to receive positive messages like this. Thanks to Qatar for this tribute, and to everyone who sends me good vibes!” he wrote.