Boxer Tyson Fury revealed that he and his wife and expecting their seventh child. The 34-year-old, after his fight with Oleksandr Usyk collapsed, on social media said that it was a ‘fantastic news to cheer me up’.

“I get to do date night with my beautiful pregnant wife Paris, Gods is great. Seventh baby incoming, fantastic news to cheer me up,” Fury said along with a picture of himself and his wife Paris.

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Paris is 33 years old. She and Tyson have six children: Venezuela, 14, Prince John James 10, Prince Tyson Fury II, five, Valencia Amber, four, Prince Adonis Amaziah, three, and one-year-old Athena. The two tied the knot in 2008.

Tyson Fury was training for a match with Usyk, which was scheduled for April 29 at Wembley, London. However, the rivals failed to agree terms and the fight was called off on Thursday.

Fury on social media said: “Usyk you little s***house, you proper little s***bag, bog-eyed, gappy-toothed ugly little rat b******,” Fury said in a video. “You slimy f***er, tried all week to get out of it, begging for a rematch like a little girl. You got your rematch then didn’t want to fight you little s***house p*****.”

“Always know p**** you were never man enough to tangle with the Gypsy King, ever in your life you little s***house. You little 14-stone coward, you little s***bag, you rat little b******. All your team know it as well, and all the lawyers have the full information you little ugly b******. Fight Dubois at the Copper Box now s***bag and always know that you, and anyone else like you, could never tangle with the Gypsy King you s***house little coward.”

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Who are Tyson and Paris Fury’s children?

The Gypsy King’s eldest child in daughter Venezuela. He then had Valencia, who is four. His youngest Athena was born on August 8, 2021, and was admitted in the intensive care unit.

All of Tyson’s boys have the first name Prince, starting with Prince John James who is nine years old. Prince Tyson II, five, and Prince Adonis Amaziah, two are the other ones.

When asked why the Gypsy King had named all his sons Prince he said: “I’m a king and they’re princes until they earn their rightful name.”