An Uber driver from Nepal, Subhakar Khadka, was assaulted by three women passengers in San Francisco during their drive, according to local media reports. Subhakar said that the assault was racially motivated against him.

The footage of the assault, which was recorded on Khadka’s camera, was circulated and shared by a lot of people on Twitter. In the video, a woman can be seen leaning forward in his direction to take his phone and then grabs his mask. 

The Uber driver said that he simply asked one of the passengers to put on mask and stopped at gas station to buy one as well. However, after this, she started racially abusing him. She even coughed on the driver.

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He told the San Francisco police that he did not hit them and asked them to leave his car.

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Khadka added, “She pepper sprayed inside my car, from the passenger window that was open, that was the only window open in my car. They abused the moment I started talking and they realised that I belong to a different race.”  

Khadka had moved to America from Nepal eight years ago to earn and support his family.

Meanwhile, Uber has suspended the account of the woman who booked the cab and the San Francisco police are investigating the matter.