Jay Briscoe, a professional wrestler died in a car accident on Tuesday. He was survived by his wife and three small children. Two of his daughters were severely injured in the accident, his wife Ashley Pugh revealed. 

Born Jamin Pugh, the 38-year-old was best known for his tenure with Ring of Honor, where he and his brother Mark were a member of the ROH World Tag Team Champions.

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Briscoe’s death was announced by Ring of Honor (ROH) owner Tony Khan on Twitter. He was a star in ROH for more than 20 years, from the inaugural show to the present, and is known to fans as Jay Briscoe.

Ashley pleaded for everyone’s prayers for their two kids, Gracie and Jayleigh, in a message on her own Facebook page.

“Jamin would want the whole world praying for his little baby,” she stated, revealing that Gracie is “on her way into surgery on her back.”

“Pray for the medical staff and everyone else treating her! She wrote, “Pray for her delicate legs to move once more.

The school employee likewise requested that everyone give their love to their daughter Jayleigh, who is stable and recuperating despite having sustained some “very bad injuries.”

Please pray for us all as Ashley shared their son Gannon is “waiting at home! We still have a very long way to go!

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Jay Briscoe children:

Briscoe has three children, a son named Gannon Pugh and two daughters Gracie and Jayleigh Pugh. Briscoe made many Tiktok videos with his children during the pandemic. 

Jay and Mark Briscoe had posted a family picture of their entire family in April last year. The picture had Gannon on the left followed by Gracie and Jayleigh. 

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Since Jay Briscoe’s unexpected passing, many well-known figures, including Triple H, Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, and others, have paid respect to him. The late 38-year-old superstar and his brother were even the reigning tag team champion as they held the ROH tag team belts 13 times. In 2022, ROH also admitted him to its Hall of Fame.