Corgi Lilo Ku, age 8, has become an internet sensation because to her wildly popular playoff predictions.

She has gained fame for her ability to shoot an inflatable basketball into baskets that symbolize playoff games, earning the nicknames Air Corgi, Steph Furry, and Fluffy Mamba.

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Lilo’s athletic propensities—which can also be prophetic—are only a small part of what, in the opinion of her owner/coach Denny Ku, makes her popular in their family and online.

Throughout the NBA and Stanley Cup playoffs, according to Ku, her predictions were right around 70% of the time.

“She gets the teams right, but when it comes to the number of games, that’s a little bit more on and off.”

Although Lilo selected the Boston Celtics over Miami, she correctly predicted that Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals would determine the Eastern Conference champion. Lilo also correctly picked the Denver Nuggets to advance to the NBA Finals.

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She predicts Denver will win the championship in six games, making them the likely winner of the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

According to her website, the dog’s prediction videos have tallied 850,012,196 views across Instagram and TikTok. Her most popular video this postseason racked up 9.5 million views on TikTok during the second-round series between the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors.

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“I’m from Houston, so it’s really hard to be a Rockets fan right now, but just been a lot of fun being able to immerse myself into these different fan bases and become a fan of the teams that Lilo chooses, really rooting hard for her to get the predictions right and it’s been a lot of crazy ride overall,” Ku said.