Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa made headlines on Sunday, October 23, when he made his return from head and neck injuries that he suffered Week 4 game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The quarterback received a round of applause from the fans at the stadium when he made his way in the field against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Tua is married to Annah Gore, who is an entrepreneur and the couple married on July 18, 2022. However, they kept it a closely guarded secret for a few weeks, before the information was leaked. Later, Tua dubbed his marriage as “very special”. 

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“I don’t know who ended up leaking it but he must’ve been camping outside the courthouse for an entire week or something,” Annah’s husband Tua Tagovailoa said after news of the couple’s marriage leaked only two weeks after their secret wedding.

Who is Annah Gore?

Annah Gore was born on June 11, 1999, in High Point, North Carolina, United States. Her father runs a business, while her mother, Christy, is a homemaker. Gore is one of five children of her parents as she has two sisters named Ally and Grace and as many brothers named Garrison and Ayden.

After graduating from high school, Annah enrolled at the University of Alabama, the same institution which Tua Tagovailoa attended. Similar to the Miami Dolphins quarterback, Annah is also a private person, as can be seen on her Instagram account, which is not public and does not have any information regarding her profession.

According to court records, Annah married Tua on July 18, 2022, in Davie, Florida, only 10 days before the beginning of the Miami Dolphins training camp. She resides in Richmond, West Virginia, currently with her husband and family, as per reports.

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Following news of Annah and Tua’s marriage leaked, her husband said that they tried to keep their personal lives private. “I mean, for me, I love to keep my life as private as possible and that’s what we tried to do with me, my wife, and my daily,” Tagovailoa told New York Post.

Annah was previously spotted attending several games of the Miami Dolphins to watch her husband play.