The Milwaukee Bucks have found Mike Budenholzer’s replacement. According to reports, the team will appoint Toronto Raptors assistant Adrian Griffin as its next head coach.

Who is Audrey Sterling?

Audrey Sterling gained public attention as the ex-wife of Adrian Griffin, a former NBA player and current assistant coach for the Toronto Raptors. She was a track star at Seton Hill.

However, their relationship took a tumultuous turn when Sterling made serious accusations against Griffin on social media, accusing him of domestic violence in 2020.

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This led to a legal battle between the former couple, with Griffin filing a defamation lawsuit against Sterling. Griffin denied the allegations, and the situation escalated into a legal battle between the ex-spouses.

In the lawsuit, Griffin’s attorney portrayed Sterling as a bitter woman determined to ruin Griffin’s life and career. The attorney argued that her accusations were fabricated and aimed at preventing Griffin from securing a head coaching position in the NBA. The lawsuit referred to the current climate of readily believing unsupported accusations, asserting that Sterling took advantage of this environment.

Griffin’s lawyer even described Sterling’s actions as a “Twitter jihad,” suggesting that she had deliberately embarked on a campaign of false allegations to extort money from Griffin or destroy his career. The lawsuit shed light on the acrimony between the ex-spouses, alleging that Sterling harbored extreme hatred towards Griffin and had an ongoing desire to sabotage his life.

In 2021, Griffin sued Sterling for defamation, leading to an out-of-court settlement in 2022.

Adrian Griffin and Audrey Sterling were married in 1996 and have four children together. However, they divorced in 2015, marking the end of their relationship. Since their separation, Griffin’s attorney argued that Sterling had been relentless in her attempts to undermine Griffin’s personal and professional life.

Before the controversy surrounding their divorce, Griffin had built an impressive basketball career. He was considered one of the best players in Seton Hall history during his college years and went on to play nine seasons in the NBA.

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After retiring as a player, Griffin transitioned into coaching, initially joining the Milwaukee Bucks as an assistant coach in 2008. He subsequently worked with teams like the Chicago Bulls, Orlando Magic, and OKC Thunder before joining the Toronto Raptors in 2018, where he remains an assistant coach.

Griffin’s personal life includes his children. His daughter, Aubrey Griffin, played college basketball at UCONN. He has two sons, Alan Griffin, who played college basketball for Illinois and Syracuse, and Adrian Jr., known as AJ, who was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in 2022.