On Sunday morning, Bryce Tilotta, a Louisiana State University student, was arrested for stealing beer worth $1,500 from Tiger Stadium- the home of LSU football. 

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Who is Bryce Tilotta? 

According to WBRZ, Bryce Tilotta was charged with one count of simple burglary after he and “a group of college-age males” stole several cases of beer worth between $1000 and $1,500 from Tiger Stadium. 

Tilotta and the group were seen by LSU Police Department carrying the beer cases at around 3 am on Sunday morning. On being approached, they allegedly fled the scene.  

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However, the PD soon tracked them down using surveillance footage and determined that the beer was loaded into a black pickup truck that belonged to Tilotta. 

USA Today reported that after stealing the beer the group took it to their dorm room. 

In Louisiana, simple burglary is considered a felony offense, and the punishment for one count of simple burglary can include imprisonment, fines, or both. The specific punishment can vary depending on the circumstances of the crime, the value of the stolen property, and the defendant’s criminal history. 

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If this is Tilotta’s first offense, he could face up to 12 years in prison and a fine of up to $2000, upon conviction. The maximum punishment for simple burglary could be up to $4000 in fines and 30 years in prison.