The Sports world is shaken by the news of legendary hockey player, Bobby Hull’s death at the age of 84. Bobby Hull was best known for putting the Winnipeg Jets on the pro-hockey map 51 years ago. Hull was popularly known by the nickname, the golden jet, and his controversial marriage with Deborah Hill.

Bobby’s married life was a hot topic in the media ever since his second wife, Deborah Hull filed charges of battery and assault on him. Hull was married twice and have five children with his first wife, Joanne Mckay. He was also romantically involved with a woman named Claudia Allen, probably for whom he took retirement in 1980. Before he took retirement, Bobby was known for his record-setting games.

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Who was Deborah Hull?

Deborah Hull was Bobby Hull’s second wife. According to some reports, she was popularly known as the third wife of Bobby Hull. This is because the actor was romantically involved with Claudia Allen in the 1980s but the couple never got married.

Deborah and Bobby got married in 1984. However, the celebrity couple started having troubles in marriage only after two years of their relationship.

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Around 1986, Deborah Hull charged Bobby Hull with charges of assault and battery. The Canadian Hockey star was reportedly arrested following these charges. However, the charges were never proven and she renounced all the accusations subsequently.

The 1961 Stanley Cup winner didn’t have any children with Deborah Hull, although there are no reports of the couple breaking up. Deborah Hull has been living a private life ever since the assault case and has never made it to the headlines again.

With the news of Bobby Hull dying, speculations on the whereabouts of the celebrity wife are surfacing once again.