Gabriela Cavallin, the former girlfriend of Manchester United winger Antony, has come forward with serious allegations of physical and emotional abuse, including an incident where Antony reportedly flew into a jealous rage over social media activity. These allegations have rocked the football world and have led to legal action being taken by Gabriela Cavallin.

Who is Gabriela Cavallin?

Gabriela Cavallin is a DJ and an influencer. Cavallin’s accusations against Antony have shed light on a tumultuous relationship marked by disturbing episodes. The 23-year-old Brazilian footballer is facing allegations of both physical and emotional abuse. Among the allegations made by Gabriela is an incident where Antony sent her a barrage of 13 insulting messages in the span of just one minute.

Furthermore, it is reported that Antony reacted with anger when Gabriela interacted with social media posts featuring Neymar, a close friend of Antony. Messages sent by Antony allegedly included harsh statements such as, “I never want to see you in front of me again in my life. Ridiculous. Males can’t see. You’re disgusting.”

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Audio recordings have also been released in which Antony apologizes for his erratic behavior and pleads for forgiveness. However, the allegations suggest a pattern of abusive behavior, including the destruction of Gabriela’s phone on two separate occasions, with eyewitnesses offering evidence to support these claims.

The Neymar-related incident mentioned in the allegations revolves around Gabriela’s interactions with posts made by Neymar’s close friend, Gil Cebola, which Antony perceived as problematic. He is said to have questioned her liking and commenting on such posts.

Amid these allegations, Gabriela is pursuing legal action, with Brazilian publication UOL gaining access to photos, mobile phone screenshots, and her detailed account of the alleged abuse.

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Antony, in response to the accusations, released a statement in June vehemently denying any wrongdoing. He cited his silence until that point, explaining, “I stayed silent until the moment so that nothing could interfere with the investigation process.”