A Milwaukee man is facing felony charges after allegedly
breaking into the Milwaukee Brewers’ clubhouse at American Family Field and
stealing items, including club memorabilia and keys to the baseball team’s
Arizona spring training facility, according to court documents.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office filed
charges against Justin Bloedorn last month. According to the criminal
complaint, police were called to the clubhouse on September 9, after a security
camera recording alerted the team that a man had been roaming around their
facility, carrying bags and other items taken from the stadium.

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Who is Justin Bloedorn?

Justin Bloedorn, 25, admitted to drinking about 10 beers
during a doubleheader on September 8, 2022. He went outside the stadium, then
passed out in some bushes. When he woke up, Bloedorn went back to the stadium
and picked up several items from the locker room.

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He stole the team’s strength coach’s electronics, credit
card, passport, keys to the Arizona spring training facility, an autographed
baseball, a 1982 Brewers signed bat, A replica World Series ring, headphones,
Sunglasses, and shaving kit.

During the investigation, officers received a call from the
suspect’s roommate. The roommate said he and Bloedorn had attended the Brewers’
doubleheader against the San Francisco Giants the previous day, but that
Bloedorn went missing during the seventh inning of the second game, reported

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Later in the evening, the roommate said he started
receiving text messages from Bloedorn, sending him pictures from inside the

Eventually, Bloedorn called his roommate, asking for a
ride, but the roommate “told him he was on his own.” In the early morning hours,
Bloedorn returned home by an Uber carrying a Brewers duffel bag filled with
team memorabilia.

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After the call from the roommate, officers went to the
apartment and found Bloedorn asleep inside.

In court, the commissioner ordered Bloedorn to stay away
from the ballpark. “I am going to sign a no-contact order, ordering you to
have no contact with Am Fam Field, so no contact in person, by phone, mail,
have anyone else contact that organization on your behalf,” Commissioner
Rosa Barillas said.

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Bloedorn could face as many as 12 and a half years of
imprisonment if convicted.