NFL mascots are some of the funniest mascots in all over the world for their hilarious reactions on and off the field. The Kansas City Chiefs mascot KC Wolf is best described as one of the best among them, and he made headlines in Week 5 of the 2022 NFL season when the Chiefs faced the Las Vegas Raiders in a Monday Night Football game.

The Kansas City Chiefs missed a field goal against the Raiders in the first quarter of the game on October 10 while they were trailing 7-0 and the KC Wolf reacted by slamming his head to one of the goalposts to signify the miss. The reaction was so hilarious that footage of it soon appeared on social media platforms as users laughed their hearts off watching the video.

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Who is KC Wolf?

KC Wolf is the official mascot of the National Football League (NFL) outfit Kansas City Chiefs. He is seen during all games of the Chiefs on the field with his funny and quirky acts that are popular among the fans. The KC Wolf was introduced in 1989 when it replaced the Chiefs’ previous mascot Warpaint, which was a horse with a man riding on it wearing an Indian chief headdress.

The name KC Wolf comes from a group of Kansas City Chiefs fans known popularly as the Wolfpack. These fans attended Kansas City Chiefs games in makeshift bleachers at the Municipal Stadium in the city, which was closed down on October 4, 1972. 

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Apart from his duties as a mascot of the Kansas City Chiefs during the team’s games, the KC Wolf also makes appearances in baseball games, parades, conventions and several other community events. His popularity among football fans helped him to be inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame in 2006 as part of the first batch.

The mascot is donned by Dan Meers, who is also an author, since the mascot was first introduced. Apart from these duties, Meers also works as a motivational speaker at different events.