After Zion Williamson announced on Tuesday that he is having a baby girl with his girlfriend Ahkeema, adult film star Moriah Mills has called out the NBA player for having an affair with her while dating other women.

Mills fired off a series of tweets on Wednesday morning, where she revealed details of her association with Williamson.

“I hate you .. ong #ZionWilliamson looks like you been had a girlfriend and sleeping with other women behind my back,” she wrote in one of the tweets, along with screenshots that she claimed that the basketball player had sent her. “@Zionwilliamson you liar !!!”

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Who is Moriah Mills?

Moriah Mills is an American adult film actress, social media influencer, and model.

She was born on October 17, 1991, in Queens, New York. She is African-American. She is also an Instagram star who has over 500,000 followers on her Instagram page, where she uploads most of the content she creates.

She is also a makeup artist who posts many of her makeup tutorials on YouTube. She made her debut in the adult film industry in 2017.

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Before she chose to expose Williamson, she congratulated him on the news that he was expecting a baby with his girlfriend. It was not immediately clear if she meant her initial tweet to be sarcastic. That tweet too has a screenshot of a text, presumably from Zion complimenting her dressing style.

Once she started ranting about Williamson’s alleged disloyalty, she hinted at the fact that she might be pregnant too as she was late on her period. “Better pray I’m not pregnant too because I’m definitely late @Zionwilliamson,” she wrote.

She also alleged that Williamson was with her only last week and they had indulged in sexual intercourse without protection. If the allegations are true, then Williamson cheated on his pregnant girlfriend. Mills claimed that Williamson never told her that he had gotten another woman pregnant with his child.

In one of the screenshots the man named Zion was seen discussing the possibility of Mills moving to where he was located and asking her how much she expected to get paid on a monthly basis.

Mills also went on to discredit Ahkeema, calling her one of the “trapping type hoes.” She also demanded that Williamson do a DNA test to prove that Ahkeema’s child was really his. “I motivated u to get back in shape I let you f**k me all kinds of ways and film me on your phone @Zionwilliamson and you impregnate a low budget pornstar dna test or I’m done !!!!!!!”