Being hurried bothers Cristiano Ronaldo. In the 65th minute of the team’s World Cup loss to South Korea on Friday, the Portuguese megastar was taken off and looked upset. Ronaldo confirmed who his irritation was intended at, even though it initially appeared that it might have been manager Fernando Santos.

After arguing verbally with Cho Gue-sung of South Korea as he left the field, Ronaldo put his finger to his mouth and hushed him.

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“The Korean player was telling me to leave quickly and I told him to shut up because he has no authority,” Ronaldo said after the match. “There is no need for controversy. It’s the heat of the match. Whatever happens, things always stay on the pitch.”

The altercation did not get physical and Ronaldo was later substituted by Andre Silva.

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“The player from Korea was insulting him telling him to go away, so that is the reason why he was angry, everyone saw that…” Santos claimed. “He was not aggressive, he was only verbally aggressive, he was speaking in English to Cristiano, and Cristiano said, ‘Perhaps he had a bad day.’”

South Korea had the loudest moment of the game despite Ronaldo’s demand that they “shut up.”

Despite Portugal winning the group, South Korea prevailed 2-1 and advanced to the next round thanks to a goal from Hwang Hee-chan in the 91st minute.

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Cho previously made headlines when a video of him sitting on the bench went viral because of how handsome the 24-year-old looked.

The striker, who had just 20,000 Instagram followers before scoring twice against Ghana on Monday, has already amassed 1.6 million followers, and he has had to put his phone off as a result of all the attention.

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The online video of Cho simply sitting on a bench has received more than 7.3 million views, reflecting the extent of the fascination.

In the round of 16, South Korea will face off against Brazil while Portugal will go up against Switzerland.