Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies found himself in hot water after his latest Instagram live video went viral. In the video, Morant appears to be flashing a gun. The live video came Saturday morning following the Memphis Grizzlies’ loss to the Denver Nuggets.

It is believed that Morant was in a strip club during the live video when he showed his gun. However, this cannot be independently verified.

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NBA spokesman Mike Bass released a statement, which was shared by Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter.

“We are aware of a social media post involving Ja Morant and are investigating,” the statement read.

The latest incident comes after Morant was accused of flashing a gun at a teenager following an altercation at his home in Tennessee. While the incident was investigated, it was later dropped due to a lack of evidence. Morant also repeatedly punched a teenage boy in the head during a pickup basketball game at his house.

In an interview with police, Morant said he acted in self-defense.

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Morant’s agent, Jim Tanner, called the allegations “unsubstantiated rumors and gossip… put out by people motivated to tear Ja down and tarnish his reputation for their own financial gain.”

“Any and every allegation involving a firearm has been fully investigated and could not be corroborated. This includes the NBA investigation last month, in which they found no evidence,” Tanner said at the time.

Ja Morant or his representative have not released any statement in connection to the latest Instagram Live video.