As two high-profile fighters Jake Paul and Tom Fury meet for a bout in Saudi Arabia, a picture has gone viral on social media that supposedly contains a script for the fight. It says that Paul will emerge victorious in round 8 after Fury leaves the game by TKO. The alleged script also contains details of the post-game felicitations, including minute details like the two fighters arguing with each other and Jake Paul calling out YouTuber KSI.

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It has been reported that the document circulating online, which suggested that Tommy Fury had withdrawn from his upcoming fight against Jake Paul, is not genuine. The promoters for the fight, Skill Challenge, have confirmed to Sportsmail that the document is a fake. The document was initially shared on social media by Mike Perry, who was due to step in as a replacement fighter if Fury was unable to compete.

In combat sports, it is not uncommon for fake documents or rumors to circulate, and it is always advisable to verify the accuracy of any information before accepting it as fact.

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In the world of boxing, for example, there have been instances where promoters have released fake contracts or financial documents to try to gain leverage in negotiations with fighters. Similarly, in mixed martial arts (MMA), there have been cases where fake fight contracts or injury reports have been circulated to try to deceive opponents or gain a competitive advantage.

One notable example of a fake document in combat sports occurred in 2017, when a forged medical report was submitted to the Nevada State Athletic Commission in an attempt to obtain a boxing license for MMA fighter Conor McGregor.

The document claimed that McGregor had suffered a head injury in a sparring session, which would have made it difficult for him to receive clearance to box. However, the commission quickly determined that the report was a fake and denied McGregor’s application.