As per an alleged leaked script of the bout, Tommy Fury will suffer a left eye injury in round four against Jake Paul on Sunday. TMZ Sports, citing sources, reported that the match is fake and scripted and social media users are reacting.

“If Tommy Fury gets trouble with his left eye in the 4th round.. 👀 I will never watch boxing again!” a Twitter user said.

“@jakepaul v Tommy fury ……. Fury to get a cut left eye and struggles to see, Paul smells blood, Paul lands a big right hand in the 8th round fury goes down… Paul wins by TKO…. After the fight Paul calls out ksi!!” another one added.

“bro u didn’t even read it right, please tell me how they can script “Fury seems to be having trouble with his left eye, which is started to swell shut”, they can’t script swelling bud. 😂” a third one tweeted.