A video of a lady dancing to Bollywood music in New York’s Time Square has gone viral. The woman starts dancing to Badshah‘s “Tere Naal Nachna” and is soon joined by a slew of passing strangers. More than 2.2 million Instagram users have liked the video since it was released on April 1.

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The song is from the 2018 film ‘Nawabzaade,’ and it stars Athiya Shetty. Passers-by initially laughed and attempted to figure out what was going on. The enticing beat of the song soon had them grooving along with fashion blogger Puja Jaiswal, who posted the video.

According to her Instagram bio, Jaiswal is based in San Francisco.

“Some Bollywood thumka with strangers at Times Square” (cute ones). “Heroine hoon mai wali feel lol,” she captioned the video, tagging Badshah and Sunanda Sharma in the process.

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As soon as the viral video was posted, netizens reacted quickly. “Wow this is really cool, I wish I could join in too,” one Instagram user said. Other people enjoyed the video as well, commenting with joy on how nice it was to witness strangers dancing to Bollywood music.

Last month, Saminder Singh Dhindsa, an Indian college student, danced his way into the hearts of social media users when he joined a group of people dancing on a Miami sidewalk.

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Dhindsa posted the video on Instagram. It shows him approaching a gathering of hip hop dancers on a Miami sidewalk. When he was persuaded to join them, he erupted into an impromptu dance that drew applause from the audience.

Other others were spotted recording and applauding the situation.