Legendary wrestler Rick Flair was released by
the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on Monday.

Flair had re-signed with the WWE just last year after a long stint on a legend’s
deal. He was used in the storyline between Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans
heading into WrestleMania 37. Flair’s romance angle with Evans was cut short
when she became pregnant in real life.

Still, the legend has been periodically
involved with the company and played a significant role in Randy Orton’s
red-hot heel run in 2020.

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Wrestling fans around the world love 72-year-old Flair. During his prime years, he had a long stint with the WWE but
was also associated with the NWA and WCW.

Once the WWE bought the WCW in 2001, Flair
spent the winter of his career in the sports entertainment giant and partnered
up with Triple H. The pair of them would create Evolution which spawned two of
WWE’s perennial main eventers for a decade in Batista and Orton.

Although he has been in and out of the WWE
many times in the past, this time the wrestling legend says he does not want to
be tied to the company and wants to pursue something else.

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natural thought is he may move over to AEW where his future son-in-law,
Andrade, is currently working and legends have found their place as managers.

The logic given by WWE behind releasing Flair
was his own choice and budget cutting in the company. The latter is justified
if true due to the humangous contact Flair was on.

Flair’s daughter, Charlotte Flair, is still
with WWE and recently lost the RAW Women’s title bout to Nikki A.S.H.