Olympic champion and gold medallist Neeraj Chopra on Thursday appealed to stop using his name to further a propaganda regarding Pakistani player Arshad Nadeem.

He said he was pained by the controversy surrounding his comments on Pakistani Arshad Nadeem in an interview. In one of the interview, Chopra narrated how Nadeem was roaming with his javelin during the Tokyo Games. The 23-year-old Army man, who won India's maiden Olympic medal in athletics -- a gold in Tokyo, said nobody should use his name to rake up any controversy.

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He posted a video on his Twitter handle. He said, "I would request everyone to please not use me and my comments as a medium to further your vested interest and propaganda."

Neeraj added that sports teaches to be together and united and he was extremely disappointed to see some of the reactions from the public on his recent comments.

"There was nothing wrong with Arshad Nadeem using my javelin to prepare, it is within rules and please do not use my name to push a dirty agenda," he added.

Chopra, in a recent interview, stated that he was searching for his personal javelin before his first throw during the Olympic final on August 7 and found Nadeem holding it.

According to rules, any javelin submitted to the officials by a competitor for his use can also be used by any other participant. This rule applies in all field events except for pole vault.

Chopra, who had used Valhalla version of Nordic brand during the final, made it clear that Nadeem, who had finished fifth, had not done anything wrong. "A controversy (mudda) has come up that I had talked about taking the javelin from Pakistani participant Arshad Nadeem before my first throw in the final (on August 7). It has been made into a big controversy," Chopra said in a video clip posted along with his tweet.

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"It's is a very simple thing, we keep our personal javelin (inside a holding rack) but it can be used by anybody. It is the rule and there is nothing wrong in that. He (Nadeem) was having the javelin and preparing for his throw. I asked him to give it to me for my throw.