Mathura, Oct 2 (PTI) A street play was organised in Vrindavan on Saturday to create awareness about cleanliness and plastic waste management.

The play was enacted to celebrate 'Rashtriya Swachhta Diwas' by PepsiCo India in collaboration with United Way Delhi and Vrindavan Nagar Nigam.

It was mounted as part of an ongoing drive that started in September as per an understanding between the FMCG firm and the Nagar Nigam to manage waste generated from shops in the city that sees heavy traffic from devotees from across the country.

“The play is bound to make an impact on people and teach them ways to handle plastic waste in Mathura Vrindavan," said Anunay Jha, Municipal commissioner, Mathura Vrindavan Nagar Nigam corporation.

The event was held in presence of Mayor Mukesh Arya Bandhu.

Jha said the Nagar Nigam was striving to make Vrindavan one of the top ten clean cities in the country under the 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan'.

Held under the banner ‘Tidy Trails’, a PepsiCo India and United Way initiative, the play raised awareness about the importance of segregating waste at source and focused on 3Rs (reduce, reinvent, and recycle).

A special bench made from recycled plastic waste was also presented to the Nagar Nigam, Mathura Vrindavan, as a specimen of practical use of recycling of waste.

As per the pact, Pepsico has agreed to install such benches across the Nagar Nigam area as part of the initiative.

“We have been working with PepsiCo India for years on various efforts and initiatives on recycling plastic waste," said Sachin Golwalkar, CEO, United Way Delhi.

The initiative has also managed to elicit participation of over 250 local vendors – a key community to ensure that waste gets recycled -- in the campaign so far, Golwalkar said.

Satadal Mukherjee, Factory head, PepsiCo India Kosi Kalan, Mathura Foods Plant, expected the street play will give rise to various community-level initiatives in the city.

PepsiCo India and United Way Delhi also distributed education material to shopkeepers, as well as general public, to tell them about the benefit of waste recycle.

PepsiCo India has been actively involved in working across multiple states to collect, segregate, and manage 100 per cent of the packaging by 2021, an official at its local factory said.