Stress is a part and parcel of the modern fast-paced life. If we look around, none can say that they are not under stress. Age is not a barrier when it comes to mental health and related issues.

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But how do we cope up with stress which is taking a toll on our mental health? There are both physical and psychological approaches to fight stress. Physical steps include – meditation, yoga, and exercise. Psychological strategies include – leaning on loved ones or in more severe cases seeing a mental health professional.

Here are five types of self-care activities for achieving better mental health:

1. Focus on sensation

When you feel stressed, try out these easy activities and you will soon start feeling better –

• Breathe in fresh air.

• Take a hot shower or a warm bath.

• Sit outside for a while and take in fresh air.

• Listen to soothing music.

• Get a massage.

• Stare at the beautiful sky.

2. Pleasurable activities

Try out these to enlighten your sour mood –

• Spend some time alone with yourself, go out to eat.

• Go for a walk.

• Explore your city.

• Watch a movie.

• Indulge in art and craft.

• Start making journals.

• Mingle with people, start socialising.

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3. Spiritual activities

Activities that people define as spiritual are very personal. Here are a few ideas to calm your mind –

• Visit holy places.

• Read poetries, novels and inspiring quotes.

• Be close to God, pray.

• Spend time with nature.

4. Deal with your emotions

All of us have emotional breakdowns at times, but what matters is how we deal with it. Here are few ways to cope up –

• Practice self-compassion

• Cry when you have to, there is no shame in it.

• Laugh your heart out.

• Accept your feelings, one of the foremost things to do.

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5. Physical activities

It’s hard to feel stressed when you’re doing one of the following self-care activities. Here are few exercise tips –

• Try yoga.

• Go for a walk or a run.

• Dance.

• Stretch.

• Don’t skip sleep to get things done, take a nap.