Green Bank is a census-designated place in Pocahontas County in West Virginia. Apart from the green pastures, what's special about this American town? In this town, which is home to around 250 people, WiFi is banned. Students at the Green Bank Elementary-Middle School rotate through two wired computer labs for online testing, a process that takes weeks.

However, this did not stop the students from accessing the internet. How do you ask? They hack into the middle school teachers' computers to go online.

Identified as David Bond, the student used a cinder block–walled room strewn with musical instruments to hack on the net. Bond confessed to the hacking and said that he did it in order to access the social media, The Hill reported.

It should be noted that connecting online is punishable by a fine worth $50.

The WiFi is banned to protect the work of the Green Bank Observatory, which is home to the largest fully steerable telescope in the world.

The large radio telescope helps in detecting radio waves that stars and pulsars emit from space. Because of this Wifi is limited so that it does not interfere with the telescope’s radio frequencies.

Since November 19, 1958, the town is under The Quiet Zone, The Green Bank Observatory’s official website reads.

Because of low connectivity, the classrooms do not feature smartboards and due to this, the school has received a 3 out of 10 stars. Students had to rotate through two wired computer labs for online testing, which could take weeks.

As per reports, 53% of the students come from low-income households.

"Some of these kids are very poor, but they still have an iPhone 7 or whatever," said Greg Morgan, a music teacher at Green Bank Elementary-Middle School, The Hill quoted Slate as reporting.

In 2017, the Green Bank observatory detected about 115 hotspots within two miles of the telescopes. And currently, the number is nearing 200—more Wi-Fi signals.