Photo of Syed Ahmad Shah Saadat, former Afghan information minister, working as a delivery boy on the streets of Germany, have gone viral on social media. He left office last year and moved to Germany. According to pictures tweeted by Al Jazeera Arabia, Saadat works as a driver for a delivery service in Leipzig and was on his way to deliver pizza when he was captured on camera by a local journalist.

In the photos, Saadat can be seen in orange-coloured clothes with a bag hung on his back.

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A German journalist claimed to have spotted Syed Ahmad Shah Saadat on the streets while the latter was delivering pizzas on a bicycle.

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In a tweet, the journalist said, "A few days ago, I met a man who claimed to have been the Afghan communications minister for two years ago. I asked what he was doing in Leipzig. "I'm driving out of Essen for Lieferando" [the man told the jounalist]". Lieferando provides food delivery services in Germany.

Saadat, who reportedly also spoke with Sky News Arabia, confirmed the photographs circulating on social media were his.

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Syed Ahmad Shah Saadat was part of Ashraf Ghani-led Afghan government as a cabinet minister in 2018. He served for two years as the Afghanistan information and technology minister and later resigned in 2020.

Saadat has two master's degrees in communications and electronic engineering from Oxford University, the Hindustan Times reported.

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Saadat's photos are doing rounds at a time when Afghanistan is facing one of the worst crises. Ever since the Taliban took control of Kabul and former president Ashraf Ghani fled the country, people are trying to flee the country.

Saadat told the media that quick fall of the Ashraf Ghani government was not expected.