Gold medalist gymnast Mckayla Maroney revealed Thursday she has been diagnosed with kidney stones and had to rush to the emergency room after suffering from severe back and stomach pain. 

The gymnast posted a picture of herself, on social media, in the hospital with her eyes closed.

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She wrote, "Tuesday I was throwing up all day, with severe pain in my back and stomach. Had to come to ER at 3 am because pain kept getting worse, and I couldn’t stop throwing up… Just got my CT scan back. I have a few kidney stones." 

Though she came back home after getting diagnosed with kidney stones, she later updated her Instagram story saying, "Home from ER... but unfortunately nothing has changed." 

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Mckayla was part of the "Fierce Five" team coached by the controversial coach John Geddert. 

Geddert recently committed suicide after being accused of sexual assault and human trafficking. 

Mckayla Maroney was one of the many US gymnasts who openly spoke against their sex offender "team doctor" Larry Nassar. Nassar was convicted of sexual abuse in 2018.