Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has been one of the most talked business tycoons of the recent times. All his steps, directives and in fact endorsements have stood out exceptionally. This time, its a set of rules by Technoking Musk himself. 

Gabriel Gruber, who is the owner of properati.com, shared seven things that everyone should follow to increase productivity, emphasised by the Tesla chief himself. Musk believes that excessive and frequent meetings can prove to be a blight. 

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Here are seven rules that can improve productivity significantly:

– The SpaceX chief says that excessive meetings can be detrimental in the long run, until and unless, it adds value to the whole audience. In addition, he asks to keep large meeting for short time.

– He further suggests that one should get rid of frequent meetings until its a matter of urgency. Gruber writes that, frequency of meetings should be reduced once urgent matters are resolved. 

– The third rule from Musk suggests that once you no longer add value to a meeting or the meeting does to you, leave it. 

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-The Tesla chief advises against the use of acronyms or nonsense words that the audience might not able to understand. Communication is essential and so is the need to explain terms, Gruber adds that memorising a glossary is not something Musk wants at Tesla. 

-While communicating, make sure that it travels via the shortest path to reach where it needs to and not through the ‘chain of command’.

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-The sixth rule is that there should be free flow of information at all levels. As there is poor communication between different departments, information doesn’t reach all ends and so it becomes essential that communication is done directly if needed. 

-Finally, the last rule is to pick ‘common sense’ when things look ridiculous according to company rules and the rule must change.

After the thread of tweets by Gruber, Musk replied with just one word- “Exactly.”

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The seven golden rules by the executive might prove to be a miracle if followed properly in long run, to which a lot of Twitter users agreed with.