Online messenger application Telegram has introduced a list of new features including updates in search filters, emojis and Admin in its latest update, reported Indian Express.

Telegram has created six categorical tabs of Chats, Media, Links, Files, Music and Voice Messages through which messages will be segregated on the basis of time, person, group and channel, thus allowing users to easily and quickly access messages though the filters. 

After the latest update, users will be able to comment on a channel’s post which used to be one-way earlier, although it will only be allowed in those channels which are linked to the user’s discussion groups. The comments can also be sent through voice messages, stickers and GIFs. Admins will have the power to limit or block the comments. 

Admins of groups will now be able to hide their identity and remain anonymous. Any message from the admin will reflect in the group’s name in the conversation. 

Android users will now get new animation pop-ups depicting interactive animations while deleting messages, saving media and changing notifications along with several new emojis. 

Another new feature with the latest update is that profile pictures can now be easily viewed by pressing and holding any display photo in the group chat to take a closer look.