Apple is pushing back the newest software update to the iPadOS to an October launch, stepping away from its usual protocol of releasing it at the same time as the new iPhone update, according to a Bloomberg report. 

The iPadOS and iPhoneOS updates have traditionally been released together in September, however, this time around they are being staggered as insiders claim that the iPad software isn’t ready to hit market in its current form. 

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Apple had been working on overhauling the iPads multitasking capabilities since before the announcement of the new iPadOS software at this year’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference, the company’s yearly interaction between its engineers and app developers. WWDC is also where Apple announces new products and new softwares every year.

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The new iPadOS feature, called Stage Manager will let users work on multiple apps at the same time while letting them switch between different clusters of apps. However, beta testing revealed flaws as developers and user criticised the system for its numerous bugs, the system’s incompatibility with older iPads and its confusing user interface. 

By delaying the release, Apple’s engineers will have more time to fix the glaring issues in the new iPad software while also letting them focus on polishing the new iOS for the incoming iPhone 14, which will be released in September. This year Apple delayed in giving developers and users access to beta testing as well. But this isn’t too different from the when the company struggled with iOS in 2019, in the months after launch as users complained about draining battery life, call-dropping and ringtone issues. Apple has since adapted their release schedules.

Releasing the new iPadOS in October will allow them to bring its release closer to the launch of the new iPads. There are two new iPad release planned: the iPad Pro with an updated M2 chip and a faster entry-level iPad with a USB-C, according to a Bloomberg report.

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The Stage Manager software is also coming to the Mac systems. However, on that front, the beta released with little to no fuss and the release timings have not been delayed.