Apple, in its Far Out 2022 event, has announced that the company is coming out with the Apple Watch Series 8 along with their new AirPod Pro 2 iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max models. The new Watch Series 8 will be made available by September 16. There will be three variants of the series- Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Ultra.

The latest feature addition to the Apple Watch will be the temperature sensor that can be used to track health conditions. The design, except for the Apple Watch Ultra, will remain the same as earlier versions. 

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Buyers will get three months of Fitness+ free with their purchase of Series 8 watches. The watch will be able to detect crashes using motion sensors.

Apple has also introduced a low-power mode in Series 8, which means a single charge can last up to 36 hours if put on said mode.

The Apple Watch Ultra is set to have a stronger battery that can last up to 60 hours after a software update. It will have a 49mm screen size and its display will be of 2,000 nits.

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The Apple Watch Ultra will also have a new rubberized band, a lightweight band made of textile for outdoor activities, as well as a nylon band. The watch will come with a new programmable button for user-specific needs.

It will also come with an underwater mode for scuba diving and other such underwater activities.


Series 8’s starting price will be $399. The Apple Watch SE will be available for $249, and the Apple Watch Ultra’s base price has been declared to start from $799.