Professor of Hindi at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Ian Woolford, an American-Australian, has changed his Twitter name to “Elon Musk.” He has been tweeting hilarious things while posing as the parody Twitter owner’s account, which has the same bio (Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator) and profile picture.

The professor did not change his username in order to keep the blue verification badge, which has recently become a source of contention, and to give the parody account of Musk a credible appearance. Woolford’s recent tweet, which he posted on November 6, has gone viral on Twitter. He wrote, “ट्विटर तेरे टुकड़े होंगे” गैंग को भी $8 देने पड़ेंगे।” After translating, the tweet reads, “The “Twitter Tere Tukde Honge” gang will also have to pay $8.”

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The tweet has now gained over 50k likes and some amusing responses. Here is how people have reacted to the post:

Musk tweets about charging $8 for verified accounts

Meanwhile, Musk has been continuously tweeting about charging $8 for verified accounts. On November 5, he again posted a tweet, saying, “Trash me all day, but it’ll cost $8”

Woolford’s parody posts have taken over Desi Twitter, giving the impression that Musk is tweeting in Hindi. In an interview with Lallantop in November 2016, the professor said he has had a lot of exposure to Hindi-speaking communities, especially since his mother, who is also a Hindi literature scholar, sent him to Trinidad and Tobago when he was young.

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Indians are the Caribbean country’s largest ethnic group, accounting for approximately 38% of its total population. Woolford’s satirical tweets come just days after Elon Musk completed his $44 billion takeover of Twitter and proposed a series of radical changes to the social media company’s existing verification system. One of these changes is the infamous $8 monthly fee to keep the blue checkmark, which was once an indicator of authority and authenticity.