Twitter is considering selling usernames as a way to generate revenue. This comes as the microblogging platform’s owner Elon Musk has been looking for ways to generate revenue for the company.

According to a New York Times report, engineers at the company have considered organizing online auctions where people can bid for usernames, also known as handles. The potential source of revenue has been discussed since at least December.

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However, it remains unclear if the idea will move forward and if it affects all usernames or only a subset. Last month, CEO Musk said that he wanted to start eliminating inactive accounts on Twitter and free up 1.5 billion usernames. His plan raised fears among some who feared the company would delete the accounts of people who have died and whose Twitter pages were used to memorialize them.

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Twitter’s username squatting policy does not allow the buying and selling of usernames, as the trade has previously attracted hackers. Unique usernames can be expensive, with some people and brands willing to pay thousands of dollars for them. However, people have been able to buy coveted Twitter usernames on the black market for years.

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In 2020, a 17-year-old in Florida was arrested after hacking Twitter to obtain high-profile usernames to sell. The hacker compromised the accounts of many celebrities, including Musk, former President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and more.

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Twitter has seen several changes since Musk acquired the platform back in October for $44 billion. The multi-billionaire CEO has been under a lot of pressure to make the acquisition a success. Since purchasing the company, Musk has cut expenses, ordered layoffs, and restricted vendor payments. At the same time, he has tried to find new sources of revenue as Twitter has experienced a sharp decline in ad revenue.

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This week, Musk emailed, Twitter employees saying he was available for meetings after finishing “most of my Tesla work.” He reminded them that he must approve all product design and engineering changes “no matter how small,” according to the New York Times.