Elon Musk on Friday responded to a leaked internal chat revealing Twitter employees’ perception of him ahead of the billionaire’s much-talked about $44 billion takeover of the microblogging company.

Musk, who on Thursday addressed Twitter employees for the first time since announcing the takeover bid, was reportedly perceived as being dodgy by Twitter employees, who, according to Reuters, felt that the billionaire was not doing enough to address their concerns and highlight his vision for the company.

Indeed, a glance through the leaked Slack chat shows many Twitter employees questioning the 50-year-old billionaire’s stance on issues such as racial discrimination and queerphobia, and of course, his recent vocal support of the Republican party and Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

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“Queer people cannot trust this man. We’ve seen this kind of homophobia and transphobia before … There’s nothing salvageable about what he says,” wrote one employee.

“Would love to hear from him about the all the civil lawsuits at Tesla around racial discrimination,” wrote another.

However, the biggest point of contention was Musk’s discussion of his personal views on American politics, with many employees wondering why Musk was discussing his own political views during a corporate question and answer session.

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“I’m moderate, what he’s saying is NOT,” wrote one employee, commenting on Musk’s self-declared ‘moderate’ political stance.

“I guess I don’t see why we are talking about personal political views during a corporate Q&A session,” questioned another, to which others replied saying, “why do I feel he was not prepared for this meeting?”

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When the leaked chat was circulated on Twitter, it inevitably captured Musk’s attention, with the billionaire giving a one-worded reply: “Interesting.”

While Musk’s ambiguous acknowledgement about Twitter employees’ perceptions about him give nothing away, the billionaire did suggest that Twitter would undergo a “rationalization of headcount” after his takeover.

A self-proclaimed free speech absolutist, Musk has also pledged to allow all content on Twitter – even potentially outrageous posts – so long as such content is not illegal.