Angry movie lovers took to Twitter to vent their frustration after their beloved social networking platform, Letterboxd went down on Monday morning. 

The reason for the platform temporarily breaking down was not immediately clear. However, the team on the backend of the app was working to get it back up again, a statement reassured the public. “Made it through one day of 2023 before Letterboxd went down. Apologies for the inconvenience, our team is at work on getting it back up!” Letterboxd said in a mock tweet. 

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However, this did not stop Letterboxd users from logging onto Twitter to express their frustration. 

One of the Twitter user groaned, “Now that letterboxd is down it’s time to get a life.” One more noted, “Letterboxd is down…. a sad day for cinephiles.”

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Another said, “NOOOOOOO Letterboxd is down I was creating a list. Tabarnak.” One user wrote, “letterboxd is down. how am I supposed to survive?!” One more stated, “letterboxd down as i just posted to my diary so it’s gonna get zero likes.” Another commented, “Well letterboxd is down which means I don’t know what my opinion is on any movie now.”

What is Letterboxd?

For those who have never heard of Letterboxd, it was launched as a social app focused on sharing opinions about movies. It was co-founded by Matthew Buchanan and Karl von Randow in 2011 and is maintained by a team out of Auckland, New Zealand. 

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Letterboxd members can write reviews or share their opinions about films. They can also keep track of what they have seen in the past, record viewing dates, make lists of films and showcase their favorite films. 

It has gained popularity over recent years as a platform where one can meet and interact with other cinephiles. On the platform, one can rate and review movies and even add to a specific date’s diary entry.