Twitter seems to have been hit with a major outage after the company’s latest round of layoffs, as “#TwitterDown” became the top trend on the platform.

Users on the site complained about an array of issues greeting them when they tried to access the social media network on Tuesday. One of them was a welcome page that greeted old users when they logged in to their accounts, which seemed to erroneously suggest that they don’t follow anyone on the site yet. It also encouraged them to follow new users, just like it does new visitors or users.

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“Welcome to Twitter!” the message read. “This is the best place to see what’s happening in your world. Find some people and topics to follow now.”

The app version of the platform also had a similar message with a button reading “Let’s go.” Clicking it took users to a list of suggested users. since there was no way to get past that message, old users who did follow a number of accounts were left unable to view the feeds of people they did actually follow.

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Once a user headed to a specific user’s page, however, they could see all of their tweets loading as normal on the page. although unreliably, Twitter’s search feature also appeared to be working. Despite a lack of a feed to actually view the tweets they post, users were able to post new tweets normally.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter users:

The set of errors appeared on Twitter after the social media network fired as many as 200 more employees over the weekend. This was followed by a successive round of cuts. The company is presently left with less than 75 percent of the workforce it had when Elon Musk took over the company. There has been no indication thus far that the outage was related to the firings. It is understood, however, that Twitter’s core operating team is working with much fewer staff members.