Linus Tech Tips, one of the most influential tech YouTubers on the platform, as well as its sister channels, TechQuickie, TechLinked have been taken over by hackers. It seems that the hackers have changed the names of both TechQuickie and TechLinked to Tesla.

The motive behind the hacking seems to be to promote cryptocurrency scams. Linus and his team have over 15 million subscribers on their platform and have made hundreds of videos, with content ranging from reviews to gaming and entertainment setups.

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The LTT store and LTT’s Twitter both seem unaffected and the hacking seems to be isolated to YouTube. Eventually, the LTT YouTube channel was terminated as the channel violated the YouTube TOS. Before the termination was implemented, the Linus Tech Tips channel re-uploaded many older videos, including some that had been marked as “do not publish.”

After the termination was put into effect, the previously placed Tesla logo by the hackers has now been changed to the LTT logo displaying the @temporaryhandle handle.

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Meanwhile, Techquickie, which has been renamed to “Tesla,” is currently running a crypto scam live stream of a deep fake Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and two others.

It is unclear to what extent Linus Sebastian and other members of LMG have been affected by the crisis. They are yet o put out a statement regarding the same on any of the social media channels. The most recent Linus Tech Tips tweet is 13 hours old.

The LTT breach was widely tweeted and quickly became one of the hashtags going viral on social media. Twitter user @CharizardAW was one of many fans sharing stories of the hacking on Twitter.