An image of upcoming Fortnite Key Art for Chapter 4, Season 3 shared on a Reddit account showed an Optimus Prime-like outfit. Fans are now speculating if the Transformers franchise character will play a part in the game.

Fans of the game are awaiting Chapter 4 Season 3 as developer Epic Games are scheduled to release it in early June. An alleged teaser was unveiled earlier this week, hinting at the season’s theme.

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Weeks ago, some leaks claimed that Fortnite is introducing a tropical atmosphere – with a jungle and volcano on the map. We cannot verify the information.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 is set to introduce a new Battle Pass and fans expect some exciting gameplay features. Epic Games will likely skip a live event in the lead-up to the launch. The teaser was shared by Hypex, a regular Fortnite leaker.

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A leak on Saturday showed an Optimus Prime character in the key art. Now Twitter users are making speculations.

“Optimus prime in fortnite? 💀 Shit they might aswell give me a skin at this point,” a Twitter user said.

“Looks like Optimus prime is coming to fortnite next season,” another one added.


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The outfit has led players to believe that the image is in fact the first look of the new season. The leak also appears to show a character riding a Raptor.

The Reddit user said that the two Outfits that have been cropped out of the image are from recent surveys sent out by Epic. The leaked image also shows new weapons – one could be the Throwable Axe and the other a new Kinetic Blade-like weapon, which fans believe is a chaos item.

Fortnite’s official teasers for Season 3 are expected to be shared soon.