Space travel will once again be open for passengers after being shut for more than a year. The cost for taking the trip on the Virgin Galactic’s spacecraft, however, is steep and will cost the traveller nearly half a million dollars, according to US media reports.

The spaceflight company will be offering a chance to anyone who can pay the price and has been linked to the space programme. Three categories of tickets will be offered for the flight, which will take passengers to suborbital levels at the edge of space, according to reports from CNN.

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The single-seat reservations for a trip to space will be priced at $450,000, however, those who wish to travel can also choose to book all the seats and enjoy a private tour. A multi-seat reservation option would also be available for family and friends.

Michael Colglazier, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, announced on Thursday that a complete buyout of the vessel would be available for a “modest premium”.

He also added that at a price of $600,000, those wishing to travel for “microgravity research and professional astronaut training” can jump aboard, according to reports from CNN.

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“Early hand-raisers” who opted to be associated with the “Spacefarer Community” will be offered a chance to buy tickets for the trip. Those who had joined the Spacefarer Community paid a deposit of $1,000, according to Virgin Galactic’s communications Vice President Aleanna Crane.

However, there is already a long queue of those who have already signed up for the space flight. About 600 people paid between $200,000 and $250,000 about a decade ago, when Virgin Galactic released the first wave of tickets for its space programme.

The news comes less than a month after Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson became the flagbearer to the company’s initiative and became the first billionaire to make it to the edge of space.